Benefits of Joining

CEBUG has a great deal to offer prospective members! In brief, those are:

  • Contact with other local computer users just like you!
  • Monthly presentations every month, weather permitting.
  • Eligibility for special door prize drawings held at monthly events or online.
  • Full access to all areas of our site including:
    • Increased rights when creating posts
    • Private image storage for inclusion within posts and blog articles
    • Create blog articles for sharing with others
  • Access to special offers made by sponsors posted in our Mailbox section (stored within PDF's visible only to members when logged in)
  • Free Review Copies of products (software, publications) with participating sponsors in exchange for written reviews. Reviews must be completed within 30 days of receiving the item.

And much, much more!

Review Materials

Members of CEBUG may obtain free copies of books and software in exchange for writing a review. Review is expected to be posted on the site as a blog article ready for publication within 30 days of receiving the materials. We make very few rules in so far as what must be included in a review as we expect it to be the unvarnished opinion on value by our members. Details such as the product name, cost (street value and for members if there is such an offer), company, and link to the product page on the web are expected. Members are also asked to provide an overall rating of the item on a scale of 1 to 5 so that the appropriate graphic can be included by our editor. Additional notes; we publish all reviews in a public manner (visible to all viewers), and are maintained on our site for a minimum of one (1) year or until a newer version is released.

Mailbag Summary

The Mailbag section contains copies of received messages from sponsors and affiliates. These can be: special offers, newsletters, web seminar notices, or any combination of the above. Please check out the Sponsorship Overview for details on how to become a sponsor if interested!

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