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Review - Xara Designer Pro v9

Reviewer Rating of 5 out of 5In this review for Xara’s Designer Pro X9, I will begin with my customary summary of what’s new.

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Review - Xara Web Designer v9

Reviewer Rating of 5 out of 5I know I don’t normally do a review of Xara’s stand-alone Web Designer program, but the latest version is so packed with great features I had to give it a try! Keep in mind this is a program aimed directly at the web designer market.

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Hackers targeting social networking services

I know Marlin's been posting a number of articles on security issues, so here's one of my own.

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Review - Xara Designer 7

User rating of 5 out of 5Alton Brown of Food Network’s Good Eats is fond of describing kitchen tools and appliances one should avoid as uni-taskers.

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Combining Embossing Powder with an Inkjet Printer

Within the crafting world, one of the hottest trends has been the combination of rubber-stamping, inks, and embossing powders. I think who ever came up with this method was inspired by something everyone did in grade school, were something was traced with a bead of glue and then had glitter dumped all over it. The excess glitter was then knocked off, leaving the traced object enhanced by the glitter. When using rubber-stamps, the process is quite similar.

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Review - Xara Designer 8

Put a couple of designers together in some fashion and the conversation will inevitably turn to what software one uses.  Whenever I have responded that I use Xara I have always gotten rather strange reactions. It seems so many have either never heard of the company, or have obviously never tried it. When I saw a demonstration back in 1995 on Xara’s incredibly fast anti-aliasing technology and rendering capabilities, I knew it was the program for me.

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