Member Shared Resources Book

Within this area CEBUG Members are invited to share details about web resources with others. All submissions must follow these rules:

  1. Submissions must abide by our organizations Mission to the community.
  2. Our policy in not condoning or permiting the illegal use, exchange, or sale of copyrighted material must be respected.
  3. Our policy in respecting the privacy of others, particularly thru the sale or trade the private information (e-mail addresses) of members, or visitors.
  4. Content cannot contain links or information on commercial websites, businesses, etc. without prior approval.

Members are free to add comments to existing pages or create new ones where appropriate. If need be, those of us managing the site will organize submissions into the existing book (wiki) structure.

Privacy & Security Issues

Pages connected here should contain information and/or links on issues relating to Privacy and/or Security. These may be articles of some sort that provide recommendations for settings for software, guidelines, social mediaa sites, or add-ons for browsers.

Firefox Add-on - No Script

An add-on for Firefox that allows the user to choose what scripts run on a given site, thus enhancing security and privacy (if scripts for a site are blocked, neither cookies nor Flash Cookiels will be created).


Free Software

Members are encourage to share details about free software (open source) through this section.

AVG Antivirus

A simple, precise way of keeping your machine clean. Updates daily and will scan within most e-mail clients. Can be scheduled to run a scan when convenient for you. AVG Free

Open Office

A free Office like suite of software including a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. Must have the free JAVA client installed. (If you have an older version installed, remember to remove before updating.) Should suit the needs of most users in creasting documents. Skips most uneccessary overhead to get the job done quickly. Can save and open most Microsoft Office and Works formats. Open Office

Skype Internet Phone

Skype is a free Internet VOIP Phone service. Provided both parties have the free client installed and are connected to the Internet, phone conversations anywhere in the world are free. There are dedicated phones one may purchase to intereact with Skype, though Wi-Fi connection is required. The service continues to evolve offering conference calling and more, though some services are not free.

Members of CEBUG who cannot physically attend our meetings should consider using Skype. You will be able to hear discussion amongst those present and see what they see on the screen during the presentation. Keep in mind we give priority space to CEBUG Members and Guests. Use our Online Registration Form so as to reserve your spot at our next event! 


Recycling Locations

In addition to the recycling centers established by county governments, a number of local organizations will also take certain items. In fact, some businesses provide credit to customers recycling items such as inkjet cartridges through their customer rewards programs!

Keep in mind, however, that our Tresurer is always looking for good quality computers and parts.


Some of these items will earn customers reward credit, which can be taken care of at the cash register upon checkout:

  • Ink cartridges (not fax types)
  • Toner
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Labelers
  • Phones
  • Rechargeable Batteries