CEBUG Online Meeting Registration

Those wishing to attend one of our events via the Internet must register in advance via this form. Attendance space is limited (25 at this time), with some spaces reserved for CEBUG members and special guests. Beyond that, open spaces are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Those wishing to attend are expected to have downloaded and installed the appropriate Skype client for their device (support for: Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, Android® devices, and much more) in advance.

Registration must be completed, at a minimum, 10 minutes prior to the event start. This is when invitations will be sent out to whatever e-mail addresses have been collected from this form, with CEBUG members and their guests having priority. Within that message will be a link that should be used to reach the appropriate session.

We do ask that those participating make use of the included text-chat portion during presentations so they may be completed by the speaker in the time permitted. Adequate time (we hope!) is allowed at the end for questions and answers. A screenshot of the client in action during a session is shown to the left, click on the smaller image for a larger view.

Privacy Notice

CEBUG uses e-mail addresses collected via this form on a one-time basis to send out meeting invitations for a specific event. Registration upon our site is not needed, although this is how we provide e-mail notifications about Upcoming Events. Our group has a written Privacy Policy that forbids the selling, trading, or distribution in ANY form of anyone’s personal information including e-mail addresses.