US House Senate Introduce PPA - Password Protection Act

Over the past several months, a frequent topic during our meetings has been the subject of personal privacy. One issue I noted in an earlier post on the forum has to do with Employers demanding password access to Employee's Facebook pages, and other items. For example, e-mail accounts the Employee may have setup on free providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, even when they were not accessing them via equipment owned by the Employer. In Emil Protalinski's blog posting, he's mentioned a number of other what I would call Employer suspect behaviors that (IMO) would breach someone's expectation for personal privacy:

Both the Senate & the House have introduced legislation called the Password Protection Act (PPA) that should put a halt to such behaviors. I haven't seen the wording of this proposed legislation, but my hope is that it is something we can all get behind as a means of protecting our personal privacy!


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Long overdue, but not well written or thought out...