Microsoft Update April 2013 Removal

Microsoft has pulled one of the  updates in the last batch of monthly updates (April 9, 2013) because of problems with BSODs, CHKDSK issues, etc when installed on Windows 7. In addition, Microsoft has recommended that people remove the specific update 2823324, which is part of MS13-036. Most likely, if you have not installed this particular update as of Friday of last week, you are not affected, but it pays to check your updated history list in Windows 7 to be sure.

If you have installed this update, apparently it will take more time to find the update than to uninstall it. I'd recommend you take the time to uninstall it if you put it on. MS13-036 itself has not been pulled from the update list because it included one other update as part of this batch. If you waited to update your Windows 7 PC, then you will be okay and do not need to worry about the issues related to 2823324.

That said, every now and then, Microsoft has pushed updates out that were not thoroughly tested, so I have recommended as a matter of fact that most people wait a few days before updating their PCs. Unfortunately, Microsoft waited three days or so before they decided there was a problem of enough significance that it needed to be pulled. It would be proper to mention that even waiting a few days in this case meant that you probably did install the bad patch and might be affected. So the real problem now becomes just when is it sufficient to wait before the hackers begin to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the bad patch.

Frankly you could wait forever and still not be satisfied that Microsoft has done it's due diligence in checking their patches. That said, this issue is becoming an issue of credability on the part of Microsoft and it's patching process. The bottom line here is that whatever you think of the responsibility Microsoft has in this issue, the fact remains that if you patched sometime between Tuesday and Friday of last week and you use Windows 7, be sure you remove 2823324 now.

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Well, I'm one of those lucky people who installed the bad patch according to my update history over in Windows Update. I have no clue as to how or where I'd need to go to remove it, as it is certainly NOT listed anywhere in the list of software installed. After a bit of searching, I turned up this help article over on Microsoft's site explaining the how of doing that:

Thus far I have not gotten any of the Event ID 55 errors mentioned, so I'm taking a wait and see approach for now. Yes, it is my habit to wait until the Friday after patch day so as to ensure (I thought) the install of bad patches after that last one several years ago. Now it seems I will have to adjust my policy further! Most definately NOT a happy camper at this time...