Can I attend a CEBUG meeting from my home?

Yes, although the number of those who may attend is limited with priority to be given to CEBUG members and their special guests. There is a Skype client available for Windows®, Mac®, Linux®as well as many mobile and tablet devices. Once the appropriate one is installed (so your contact name in Skype is established), then use our  Online Meeting Registration form so that we may call you when a meeting starts. Please register at least 1/2 hour prior to the start of an event. Also keep in mind that priority in attendance will always be given to CEBUG members and their guests. Space beyond those limits are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Do keep in mind some sort of broadband (high-speed) connection to the Internet is required for everything to work. 

Through Skype, those attending will be able to see both audio and video of the speaker. These include screen shares of planned presentations. To ensure optimal quality for everyone, other limitations (such as the number of active cameras, or a restriction of questions to the text chat channel) may be set at the start of a session. Needless to say, cooperation on those points is expected by participants.

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