How can I get e-mail notifications about new or updated content?

This section is intended to help those new to our site understand our subscription system used to send out e-mail notices about fresh or updated content. Certain default subscriptions are normally created for users when new accounts are approved. However, users can adjust those settings at will. There is even an option to suspend notices for a short time for those going on vacation.

To reach your subscription settings, login to your account and click on the My Account link found in the left-hand column under your username. Click on the tab for Subscriptions. The first page is the Overview page containing a summary of all active subscriptions regardless of type.

There are 4 general categories for subscriptions:

  • Pages/Threads are connected to individual pages or threads within the forum or elsewhere on the site.
  • Blogs are for subscriptions to individual blogs. (The content type subscription for Blogs is more universal in that it will trigger notices for ANY blog article.)
  • Content Types are the most useful subscription type on a community site such as ours, as notices are sent regardless of who creates the item. (More on content types below.)
  • Categories would be subscriptions connected to smaller groupings of some content type. For example, the Announcements section of the forum is considered a category of the Forum Topic content type.

The reason so many different content types exist on the site is to aid in the organization and the establishment of subscriptions. For example, take the Newsletter content type, which is used to hold messages from our sponsors about special offers and more. These messages can only be read on our site while logged in as they are accessible only by members of CEBUG. Anyone with an active account can establish a subscription to this content type so as to see how often we are receiving messages of that kind.

What follows is a brief overview of the names given to content types on this site and their purpose:

  • Blog entry - Blog articles are grouped together within an online journal under the author's name, with the intent for long-term publication.
  • Book page - A Book page is always linked in a tree-like structure to related content using a parent/child relationship. Another distinction for Book pages is the automated display of links to adjacent pages, providing a simple navigation system for organizing and reviewing structured content.
  • Events - An Event content type is linked to the summary calendar showing throughout the site and within our Upcoming Events list featured at the top of all pages.
  • Forum topic - A Forum Topic is the initial post to a new discussion thread within the forum.
  • Mailbag Items - Used to store newsletters provided by sponsors and other contributing writers to the site. The majority of these are published as member-only items. Notices about upcoming web seminars sent to us by sponsors will be included in the visible portion for everyone to see. 

Beneath most content on the site, a link to establish Subscriptions may also be found. This would create notices for updates to that particular item.

Mailbag Summary

The Mailbag section contains copies of received messages from sponsors and affiliates. These can be: special offers, newsletters, web seminar notices, or any combination of the above. Please check out the Sponsorship Overview for details on how to become a sponsor if interested!

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