What kind of files can I upload?

Anyone creating a post within the forum may upload images (JPG, GIF, and PNG) within the Upload Screenshot box. Upon upload, the file will be converted automatically into a thumbnail image that will be shown below the body of the post. When published, someone reading the post can click on that smaller image to open a new window containing the uploaded file. Do remember, however, that all new forum posts will go into our Revision queue for review prior to publication unless the person making the post is in a role allowing immediate publication.

Members of CEBUG have additional permissions in regard to files they may upload. Depending on the type of content they are creating, PDF or ZIP files may be attached so as to appear at the bottom. Images intended to appear within the body of a blog post can be stored within their Personal Storage space connected to their profile. When open; members may upload, delete, create a thumbnail copy, or resize any image files stored. The editor included in the site software makes the insertion of images into articles an easy task as the majority of the coding is done automatically. More details on using the included editor/image management system can be found in the Content Preparations Guide.

Mailbag Summary

The Mailbag section contains copies of received messages from sponsors and affiliates. These can be: special offers, newsletters, web seminar notices, or any combination of the above. Please check out the Sponsorship Overview for details on how to become a sponsor if interested!

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