What is a Profile?

The term Profile refers to the collection of personalized settings associated with the account of someone registered on this site. Logged in users may reach this area at any time by clicking on the My Account link showing in the left-hand column under their username. This is where someone can change their e-mail address or password, as well as define other controls or settings that affect the display of content and subscriptions (e-mail notifications). To alter any of these settings, click on the proper tab or link showing along the top. Depending on how long it has been since your last login, you may be asked to verify some information previously stored before changes can be made. When someone does change their e-mail address, we do send a confirmation message to both the old and new address about the change.

Mailbag Summary

The Mailbag section contains copies of received messages from sponsors and affiliates. These can be: special offers, newsletters, web seminar notices, or any combination of the above. Please check out the Sponsorship Overview for details on how to become a sponsor if interested!

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