Can I upload a picture to show with my posts?

Members of CEBUG, Sponsors, and Contributing Writers are provided with a small amount of storage space for images on this site. They have the ability to upload them, create thumbnails, and establish images within content they create. Anyone included in such roles may also upload a personal image (photo or business logo if a sponsor) that will show in connection with all of their postings.

All such images are subject to review for suitability. Please! No animated images! 

Visitors to our site may only upload images that would be attached to forum postings. A thumbnail is made automatically of the image if to large that will show at the bottom of the post. This thumbnail will be linked to the original image that would open in a new window or tab, depending on the viewers browser settings. 

Mailbag Summary

The Mailbag section contains copies of received messages from sponsors and affiliates. These can be: special offers, newsletters, web seminar notices, or any combination of the above. Please check out the Sponsorship Overview for details on how to become a sponsor if interested!

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