Comment on article of using SSD drives versus HHD drives

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Comment on article of using SSD drives versus HHD drives

The article presents many good reasons why you should consider making the change to using SSD drives. However there are two reasons why I shy away from using them myself.

One, the cost of SSDs are a great deal more expensive than HHDs. That alone will drive many people away from using them.

Second, SSDs are nothing more than large flash drives and anyone who uses flash drives a lot of the years will tell you that flash drives do not last as long as HHDs. Flash memory is fast, efficient, and fun, but over time, it wears down and does so quite fast. The newer drives from what I have read are better, but they will not last as long as some of the drives I find in computers I have serviced over the years. For instance, I have at my business at least three drives which are over 10 years old and still running. SSDs will NOT run that long and have to be replaced on a much quicker replacement cycle than HHDs. That said, I personally believe that going with the tried and true HHD is still be best, most cost effective way to store any kind of information on a PC today.

On the other hand, if you like living life on an edge, SSDs may the the way for you to go. Consider this before you leap though, you better have a good, working backup plan in place before you tread because you may need it before you expect to. Then again, the same advice holds true for HHDs, too, but not to the extend that SSDs will require.


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