More Updates and other Oddities

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More Updates and other Oddities

I was doing some updates on some old XP machines and in the process of running updates, I found out that Oracle has again updated Java. Oracle still has not removed the Ask toolbar install, so be careful going through the upgrade process reading each screen. The process was rather smooth on older machines, but there was one difference this time around. Once the upgrade process is complete, Java will load your default browser and do a verify check that you installed the correct version. I can only suspect that there have been reports of upgrades from odd places where a hacked version of the Java upgrade was gotten hold of and installed on a PC. Be sure you get the upgrade from the Oracle Java website.

I also found out that Foxit Software which publishes Foxit Reader has now published version 6 which is a little different than version 5. I haven't taken the time yet to go through all the changes, so you might want to take a look at what changed. This was NOT a security upgrade from what I can tell.

Miicrosoft has issued updates to Windows 8 today. I am not sure what is involved here as I haven't done this upgrade yet myself. So stay tuned.

Another note on Windows 8 and in followup to some of the discussion at last week's meeting, I recently found out that upgrades to the Metro section of Windows 8 are not removable! With the news about the problem with a Windows 7 update. there has been some discussion as to whether you can uninstall updates in Windows 8 Appartently as long as it's done through the Desktop, you are okay. However if you update in the Metro sections, the updates accomplished through the Tiles are not removable. So the question has evolved, what happens in the case of BSODs occuring one right after each other and you cant stop the process?

When I find out more, I'll let you know...

Until the next time...




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