Social Media e-Mag reading + Dropbox woes

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Social Media e-Mag reading + Dropbox woes

I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but I setup a subscription a while ago to a free e-mail newsletter on Social Networking. (An aspect of one of those things I need to keep up on in my job as a web developer.) The name of the newsletter was rather confusing when it started arriving, as it is called the 'The BrainYard.'

This week's issue was on the topic of Dropbox, a popular sharing service. The cautionary note is directed to business users in what sort of info they share within such services, especially in light of the fact that people so often re-use passwords on one site on another. This means someone who had succeeded in hacking into one such site would then be able to hack into another site where that person used the same password; thus leading to the fact they could collect (or leverage) information in undesireable ways. In the incident described, the hacker found an unencrypted document containing e-mail addresses posted on Dropbox that was then used to send out spam.

Read full article here:

I know this has been a common topic in our discussions within CEBUG, but maybe it is time to visit it yet again. There are certainly a number of free webisites out there to generate random passwords to suit various criteria. Marlin & I have both talked about software that can archive passwords too, so one only has to remember one. Ah well, if anything a timely reminder on the topic!


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