Changing Federal Sales Tax Laws - Be Ready

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Changing Federal Sales Tax Laws - Be Ready

Change is looming on the horizon for anyone selling or buying goods and services online. Up until this point, anyone selling anything online was only obligated to collect sales tax on transactions where both parties resided. This is why – if you bought something from an online merchant that had no offices or locations in the same state you live in – you were not asked to pay sales tax.

Congress is expected to change this with what is called the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013. When this goes into effect, which appears to be quite soon, everyone will be expected to pay sales tax for online sales.

Of immediate concern to those selling goods or services online is to begin prep work for changes they will need to make in their operations. Avalara is sponsoring a free web seminar next week on this topic: June 12th at 1pm EDT. The link for more info and sign up is here:


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