Facebook Privacy Changes

A quick post to share this with everyone... Today was my day for cleaning up pending notices sent to me within Facebook when I discovered something new. Mind you, I don't know when Facebook made this change but I think it is long overdue!

In brief, this pertains to those “Please join so-and-so in (insert name of a Facebook game or app).” Sorry to admit this publically, but I never spend any time playing Facebook games! A fact most close family and friends know about me and respect, for the most part. Then again, with all those apps (and even games on mobile devices, etc.) encouraging “Spam everyone you know” behaviors it can add up to a significant annoyance! If you’re like me, then, get into your account settings in Facebook account and click on the BLOCK page. Scroll down the page to where it talks about APP notifications. Start typing in the name of that person who is always sending you unwanted notices from games and so forth. Problem solved and you will still maintain normal contact with that party!