P*PCompAS Newsletter for January 2015

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I’m sure many received digital gifts for Christmas, so to start off the New Year, this newsletter attempts to give you some help. If you don’t need help, then come to the next meeting so you can help those of us that do. The help I mentioned comes attached to this e-mail in the form of articles like these:

The Prez Sez by Cary Quinn—We are welcomed into  2015 with Cary’s hopes for growth in the coming year.

Nybbles and Bits by John Pearce—The POODLE and “misfortune cookie” vulnerabilities are mentioned, and John tells us how to change the Default Search Engine setting in Firefox so that Google is not the default search engine.

How to Recover a “Crashed” System, Windows 7 and 8 by Ira Wilsker—Have you created a set of rescue discs (or USB drive) for your PC? Not many people do, but Ira walks you through the process. You can also get third-party bootable discs that contain utilities that scan and delete malware. Learn how to use the built-in System File Checker in Windows to remedy corrupt critical system files and do some pre-planning before the inevitable happens, when your system goes down.

Computing in Cloud: MS OneDrive by Nancy DeMarte—Since Nancy uses Microsoft Office, she uses OneDrive for her cloud storage. OneDrive comes installed with Windows 8, but does not work with Windows XP, and you use it like almost any other folder on your PC.  It provides a convenient place to store files that can be accessed by other devices, you can retrieve docs when one computer fails, or get to your files while on the road. A history of OneDrive and an explanation of how it works is given, along with a mention of security concerns, and how to share your files.

The Tip Corner by Bill Sheff—More than a dozen tips are mentioned, with many oldies but goodies, like customizing folders, searching, defragging the registry, file recovery, and so on.

We’ll have an Experts Roundtable when we meet on January 3rd, so you’ll have time to play with your Christmas goodies, and come to the meeting with some good questions.


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